Class genetictrain


public class genetictrain
extends java.lang.Object

this class is not used by the applet, but only by its own main function.

A genetic algorithm is a method for solving an optimisation proble. Our problem is to find the best weight vector. The methods works much like biological evolution: random weight vectors are calculated, and in each round they play against a randomly selected opponent and the winners survive. The winners are then copied (with small changes), or two winners are mixed (called cross-over) and a new round starts: they are again tested against each other... until you say it is enough. The main advantage of a genetic algorithm is that it works whithout assuming anything about the problem. It just let two 'individuals' against each other, does not care what they do exactly, but only needs to know the winner.

The exact description of a round is this: there is a fixed population size (the number of weightvectors). They are randomly ordered, and the odd even numbers play against the next odd number. The winner is stored in the even position, the odd position is empty. Now per group of four a random decision is made: if they mutate, the odd positions are filled with mutated copies of the winners. If crossover is chosen, the winners are crossed over, producing two children that are random mixtures of the parents. Remember that individuals are just lists of numbers. For example:

 parent1:-3 -5  2  6 0
 parent2 -7  0 -4  1 2
 could give:
 child1: -3  0 -4  6 2
 child2: -7 -5  2  1 0 
In the literature this is called uniform crossover. There are other kinds of crossover. the last position (which is odd) is filled with the average of all other individuals.

Constructor Summary
genetictrain(int p)
Method Summary
 void cleanup()
static void main(java.lang.String[] ps)
          the main function.
 void read(java.lang.String filename)
          read in a population from a file.
 void run(int rounds)
          let the genetic algorithm run the given number of rounds.
 void write(java.lang.String filename, java.lang.String comment)
          the file to write.
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Constructor Detail


public genetictrain(int p)
p - the population size for the genetic algorithm.
Method Detail


public void read(java.lang.String filename)
read in a population from a file. The file format is like this:
filename - the file to open.


public void write(java.lang.String filename,
                  java.lang.String comment)
the file to write. The same format is used as for read.


public void run(int rounds)
let the genetic algorithm run the given number of rounds. It prints the current round on the java console.
rounds - the number of rounds. reasonable values are between 1 and 1000 (although that may take some time.)


public void cleanup()


public static void main(java.lang.String[] ps)
the main function. Change this function so it does what you want, recompile and run it to calculate a better weight vector.